Sheet metal taking shape

New painting plant Launched in spring 2020, our plant represents the state of the art in powder coating technology.
It has a 5-stage washing area, a curing oven, a primer application booth, a gelling oven, two booths with ultrasonic sieves and fast colour changing, as well as a firing kiln.
Zero emission plant The 10,000 m2 warehouse, the new paintshop and the subsequent optimisation of costs and processes allowed Fracm to consolidate its leading position on the Italian market and break into foreign markets with unique, innovative processing and services in its sector.
Optimized Logistics With 5,000 m2 of available space and 4,000 pallet spaces, our logistics warehouse also contains over 6,000 products and thanks to our reliable deliveries, it is the jewel in the crown of the Fracm service.

Our process

Right from the design process with our customers to Kanban logistics, Fracm adopts a fully optimised and efficient processing procedure.


Our technical office has vast experience and uses next-gen CAD and CAM software systems. Our technicians can work together with customers’ offices to find the right solutions and to cover various business sectors.



A single point of contact and fast response times. Always.

In our hyper-connected, ever faster world, not getting an answer is one of the most important critical issues with everyday life.
Fracm offers its most important customers an exclusive management plan with a dedicated single point of contact for all support, delivery and planning needs, thereby helping build a solid, trusted relationship with the customer over time, who can get in touch with their relevant contact person at any time so they can address any more complex and challenging dynamics together.

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The first step in providing guarantees to customers is to work through the certification process, which protects buyers and, when accompanied by flexibility and punctuality, ensures customer satisfaction.