Fracm S.p.A. has the benefit of a highly professional technical team, capable of designing the models it builds and analysing the drawings provided by its customers, studying and applying the best solutions in terms of line, practical issues, and the final product cost.

Laser cutting

Cutting the sheet metal is the start of any of the many metal working processes.

We can provide our customers with any of the many possible sheet metal cutting processes using Laser technology and cutting edge machinery.


We opted to invest in innovative technologies so that we can now offer various types of punching and deliver a quality and rapid service.


Starting from traditional manual bending processes, we can integrate the use of hand-operated electric bending machines, semi-automatic panelling technologies, and highly automated processes carried out by three bending robots.

Welding and spot welding

Over the years we have increased our expertise in the various methods of welding and all the possible materials: aluminium, steel and iron using manual and robotic technologies such as TIG, MIG and PLASMA.


Our sheet metal painting plant starts with three-phase cleaning in three cabs used for different products and colours so we can be as flexible and dynamic as possible.