Laser cutting

Laser cutting


Cutting the sheet metal is the start of any metal working process.

We can provide our customers with any of the many possible sheet metal cutting processes using laser technology and cutting edge machinery.

We decided to work with fiber laser cutting in 2009, one of the first in Italy. We added the “BySprint Fiber” in 2014 – the ultimate system in the industry enabling us to increase the quality of our processing and reducing the time needed.

We combine these laser technologies with combined shears with laser cutting and punching machines with automatic tool change to facilitate operations and eliminate the need for machine setups.

BySprint Fiber laser cutting system


Faster cutting, saving energy and operation based on fiber technology


  • Available in versions 3015 and 4020. This means that 4 x 2 m metal sheets can also be machined quickly and inexpensively
  • High production capacity and first-class cutting quality for medium to thin sheets, depending on the laser power
  • The excellent energy efficiency of fiber laser results in a significant reduction in electricity demands
  • Lower operating costs thanks to the low electricity consumption and the absence of laser gases
  • Superior flexibility. Even non-ferrous metals can be machined without difficulty and with excellent quality
  • The compact design makes for a small footprint